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Wecome to Nine Fingers Mustard!

Nine Fingers Mustard is a sweet-hot, western-style, gourmet mustard. Nine Fingers Mustard is great on everything from steaks to pork to chicken to subs, and even great on pizza! Try as a dipping sauce for chicken strips or finger steaks or use it in your favorite potato salad or salad dressing recipes. If you need some new ideas, look at our Nine Fingers Mustard Recipes.

Nine Fingers Mustard is made in small batches by real folks in Laurel, Montana. We carry a selection of sizes that makes Nine Fingers perfect for restaurants, home use and gifts. Stop by and say "Hi" if you make it to Montana. If you're not within easy reach, we've made it easier to get your hands on some of our nearly famous mustard through our online store.

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Mustard 2-Pack

Mustard 2-Pack

2 – 10 oz. bottles of our famous Nine Fingers Mustard

Price: $9.95 plus S&H

Never tried Nine Fingers? As Curt says...

"Nine Fingers is Quite Possibly The World's Finest Mustard!"

We're sure you'll agree.

Mustard 12-Pack